Join Ribbet, the young and mischievous frog, on an exciting adventure in this action-packed video game! Take on the role of Ribbet as you navigate through a myriad of challenging hazards and obstacles. With his small stature and incredible parkour skills, he can escape from any sticky situation.

Use Ribbet's special abilities, including the dynamic Tongue swing and the awe-inspiring super double jump, to outwit your foes and speed through the levels. Each environment presents its own set of unique challenges, making the journey truly thrilling and unpredictable.

Are you ready to embrace the mischievous spirit of Ribbet and conquer the perilous journey that lies ahead?

Steam (PC) Full Controller support.

Planned Release: Early Access Q4, 2024.



Not one, not two, but THREE frog-themed games this year at Queensland Games Festival! All these indie developers must have gone hopping mad… But don’t get me wrong, Ribbet is an excellent game and well worth your attention. Take on the role of a frog desperate to escape the kitchen before his legs are made into a delicious dish....

Road Map

Ribbet Road Map


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Queensland Games Festival, 2023.